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Damaged product key regenerator

This tool goal is to generate all possible product key when you are missing some letters on a damaged official product key.
Once this list generated, you can use the tool Ultimate PID Checker to check product key validity (click here for Product key regenerator).
This tool has been made for Windows 7 product key, but this can work for any product key.
Scripts are in pure javascript to prevent generated product key storing which could be seen by server administrator.
  • 1. Product key pattern :
    ex : AAAA-A?AA-AA?A-AAAA-A??A
    This is the product key damaged, use the char "?" for no more readable characters.
  • 2. Product key possible characters :
    ex : 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,B,C,D,F,G,H,J,K,M,P,Q,R,T,V,W,X,Y
    • List of characters which will be used where "?" are set in your product key pattern.
    • This list of characters is case sensitive.
    • Product key can use only some characters, for exemple, microsoft product keys doesn't use confusing characters like "1", "l", "i".
    • Don't use space after and before "," separators.
  • 3. Start the process :
    • Click on the "Generate all possible keys" button to start key regeneration process
  • 4. Result :
    • You can use the "copy result to clipbord" button to copy the regenerated key list
    • Generated product key list is limited to 1 milion of results.
    • The product key list generation can take long time to display, it is based on your computer CPU performances.

Regenerate your product key

  • Enter a valid product key pattern
  • Select possible characters for your product key
copy result to clipboard
  • rendering results...please wait...
    List of regenerated product key
  • Warning : results are truncated, script is limited to 1 milion regenerated keys
You can find here a tutorial on how recover your damaged procuct key
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