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Esxi SSL

Get the SSL certificate

The easiest way is to go through a site that allows easy generation.
For example ZeroSSL (
On the site, all you have to do is verify the domain name, either by emailing the domain name, or by adding a CNAME as a DNS entry.
Personally I have a preference for the DNS entry.

Ajouter un CNAME au DNS

On the domain management interface, add the entry as requested in the certificate creation steps CNAME in DNS Validate and test that the configuration is correct in the certificate creation tool

download the certificate on the Esxi

Move the certificate Once downloaded, all that remains is to copy the files to the Esxi server, using SFTP for example

A. Enabling SSH to upload files via SFTP

ESXI enable SSH

B. Upload files to Esxi server

Upload the certificate

install the certificate on the Esxi

Move the certificate Go to the Esxi ssl folder and rename the certificates copy to clipboard
cd /etc/vmware/ssl
mv private.key rui.key
mv certificate.crt rui.crt restart

In some case, you maye use this command to restart the services copy to clipboard restart &tail -f /var/log/jumpstart-stdout.log

Check the certificate

Check the certificate
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