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Symfony Routing

Beautiful URLs are a must for any serious web application. This means leaving behind ugly URLs like index.php?article_id=57 in favor of something like /read/intro-to-symfony.

Having flexibility is even more important. What if you need to change the URL of a page from /blog to /news? How many links would you need to hunt down and update to make the change? If you're using Symfony's router, the change is simple.

Official website : Symfony Routing


this is the default configuration uncommented : copy to clipboard
    path: /
    controller: App\Controller\DefaultController::index
This create a route named index which redirect the url / to the method index of the class DefaultController which namespace is App\Controller

To test a first page it require to create this DefaultController class in src/controller/ for example.
namespace App\Controller;

class IndexController
    public function index() {
        return new Response("<html><body>FIRST SYMFONY PAGE !</body></html>");
  • Note that the method will return an object of type Response which include header & page content.
    Using the import of Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response;
  • This will redirect only the url /, the call of /index.php will not work !
    It require to redirect /index.php to / in the server configuration.

Routes redirection

Dynamic redirection
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#route redirection
    path: /home
    controller: Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\RedirectController::redirectAction
      route: index
      permanent: true
Will redirect permanently(302) the url /home to the route named index which is / in the routes.yaml.
Static redirection
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#static redirection
    path:         /static-page
    controller:   Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\TemplateController::templateAction
        template: static/static_page.html.twig
Will create a route named static_page which redirect the url /static-page to the template named static/static_page.html.twig.

Annotations (basis)

The routes can be directly added into the annotation (doc bloc) and will be understoud by the application using the command @Route.
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     * @Route("/", name="index")
     * @return Response
    public function index() : Response
        return new Response("<html><body>FIRST SYMFONY PAGE !</body></html>");
In this example, the request / will call the method index.
  • Route annotation require the import : use Symfony\Component\Routing\Annotation\Route;

Annotations (advanced)

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  * @Route("/category/{label}_{id}", name="index_category", methods={"GET"},requirements={"id" : "\d+"}, defaults={"id" : "1"})
  * @param $id
  * @return Response
    public function category(string $label, string $id) {
        return new Response(""<html><body>CATEGORY = $id !</body></html>"");
create a route with :
/category/{label}_{id}route url structure with 2 variables $label and $id
name="index_category"name of the route
methods={"GET"}method of the lient request
requirements={"id" : "\d+"}condition to make the route valide, here $id must be at least one decimal (regexp)
defaults={"id" : "1"}default value for $id, if not $id is specified
  • It is advisable to add a default value to prevent unwanted behaviors.
  • If route condition does not match a 404 error page will occur.

Routes visualization (@@@TODO UPDATE SCREENSHOTS@@@)

Visualization of production routes :
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php bin/console debug:router --env=prod

Visualization of all routes (dev & prod) :
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php bin/console debug:router
symfony debug routes
Visualization of a specific route :
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php bin/console router:match /category/test
symfony router match
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